A summer with « A Degrowth Project »

« A Degrowth Project » will participate to several events on the summer, some of them in English:

Imagen de  Proyecto Decrecimiento Manifiesto por una Dotación Incondicional de Autonomía (DIA)

More info on : http://www.projet-decroissance.net/?cat=35 (thanks to Evelyne)

We are also pleased to announce that our collective join the Post-Growth alliance with around 50 other organizations dealing with Degrowth, Post-Growth and Transition.

We also support the « Endless growth on a finite planet? Demand economic alternatives! » petition.

Have a nice Degrowth summer,

Christophe Ondet, Vincent Liegey, Stéphane Madelaine, Anne-Isabelle Veillot, 
« A Degrowth Project – Manifesto for an Unconditional Autonomy Allowance« , Utopia, 2013.

“ […] the prerequisite for the transfromation of the economy is “ a strong adhesion from all and a participation to this desire for change”. That is the least … But we have to start somewhere and this stimulating book contributes to it undoubtedly”. Hervé Kempf in Le Monde.

“ And the success of the book may suggest that “transition is well underway”. Emmanuel Daniel in Slate.fr.

And also:

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