A Degrowth Project – Manifesto for an Unconditional Autonomy Allowance

manifeste-dia-couvertureFor a democratic and serene transition towards sustainable and desirable societies

‘Without a minimum of resources, the new citizen cannot fully enjoy the republican principles of liberty, equality and fraternity”, Thomas Paine declared in 1792. But, two centuries later, this idea has not caught on. Basic goods are not accessible to all: housing, food, clothing, energy and drinking water, education, heath, conviviality. Regardless, our societies that have never been so prosperous insist on an always-greater wealth accumulation to realise this ideal. What if solving inequalities did not rest upon this exponential growth?

Through a critique of Growth society, development, capitalism and productivism, growth objectors offer an economic, social and emancipatory tool, enabling people to avoid the effects of the recession without always resorting to more growth. The Unconditional Autonomy Allowance (UAA), coupled with a Acceptable Maximum Income, is an enabling tool for getting out of the deadly impasse this Growth society leads us into.

Beyond being a simple corrective measure, the UAA is designed to trigger dialogues and debates on what “living together” and how we create “more links” without creating more “goods” really means.

This Manifesto for an UAA begins with the origins of Degrowth and proposes pathways and food for thoughts with the potential to initiate a serene and democratic transition towards ecologically sustainable and socially just societies.

That is why the manifesto is a Degrowth project.

Vincent Liegey, StéphaneMadelaine, Christophe Ondet, and AnisabelVeillot, (2013), A Degrowth Project, Manifesto for an Unconditional Autonomy Allowance (UAA), Utopia.

“ […] the prerequisite for the transfromation of the economy is “ a strong adhesion from all and a participation to this desire for change”. That is the least … But we have to start somewhere and this stimulating book contributes to it undoubtedly”. Hervé Kempf in Le Monde.

“ And the success of the book may suggest that “transition is well underway”. Emmanuel Daniel in Slate.fr.

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